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list2012 & 2009 IBC Plan Review Checklist (8 Pages) - New stair design checklist is included in addition to reference updates for the newer IBC Codes.  Please let us know how this checklist helps you and make any suggestions for improvement. (posted 3/30/2012)

NFPA 101 Tables
This is a collection of tables providing basic information required to verify compliance with the Life Safety Code.
The collection includes Separation of Occupancies, Occupant load Table, Minimum room finish schedule, Minimum Construction Types, and Travel Distance Requirements.

Harmathy's Ten Rules of Fire Endurance - These rules of thermal fire endurance explains some of the basics of fire resistance ratings which are exhibited by fire barriers used to separate and compartmentalize fire areas in a buidling.  The principles apply to both vertical and horizontal fire barriers.(posted 8/24/2014)

2010 OSHA Part E and 2009 Codes Compared.  This document in 8-1/2 x 14 spread sheet style compares the 2010 OSHA Part E revisions to the 2009 Edition of NFPA 101 and the 2009 International Fire Code.  The 2009 Editions of those Codes are now accepted by OSHA for compliance with the Means of Egress requirements of that agency.  Only available here (did this one myself). (posted 2/8/2011)

OSHA Part E compared to NFPA 101 2006 - This document compares the permissions granted by OSHA for use of the Life Safety Code in all occupancies related to Means of Egress. (posted 11/5/2010)

Stair Design Spread Sheet - Requires EXCEL
This spread sheet first requires the calculation of the occupant load to be served by the stairs on sheet 2.  The occupant load there calculated will be inserted in the stair calculation sheet.  This will provide compliance with the stair geometry (tread, riser, landings, stair width) and the minimum number of exits required in Life Safety Code editions prior to 2006.

2010 Stair Design Checklist - This checklist update references the 2009 Life Safety Code and cross references the 2009 IBC.  This check list can be used at the beginning of a project to ensure that the designer of the stairs in the building will satisfy all issues of the code requirements.  Use a copy for each project and each unique stair in the project. (posted 9/29/2010)

2008 Stair Design Checklist - This check list can be used at the beginning of a project to ensure that the designer of the stairs in the building will satisfy all issues of the code requirements.  Use a copy for each project and each unique stair in the project.  The 12/4/08 revision now references the 2009 NFPA 101 and the 2006 IBC. (revised 12/4/08)

2006 IBC Plan Review Checklist (7 Pages) - Complete this checklist to ensure that your design documents are synchronous with the IBC Code.  Be sure to verify all references and any path where it may lead you.  Any improvements or suggestions are welcome and will be incorporated into the document for posting here. (posted 6/29/07)

2006 Gypsum Association Handbook (high res - 15 meg) - This is a large file.  This handbook contains rated fire resistive wall assemblies and horizontal floor/ceiling and roof assemblies.  It is not as "in depth" as the UL "Fire Resistance Directory" but contains fire resistance rated assemblies sufficient for most projects.  It includes "generic" assemblies that are manufacturer independent.  Further information is available at www.gypsum.org and www.UL.com .

2006 IBC Checklist - Short Version - Use at the beginning of a project to help organize your design thoughts. (posted 6/29/07)

2006 IBC Height and Area Calculation worksheet - Input your project design parameters and verify whether your structure complies.  By changing the sprinkler type from a 13 to a 13R sprinkler system, a project that might not otherwise comply might be brought into compliance.  Change the variables to see possible cost savings.  Improvements or suggestions will be incorporated in future versions.

USG SA100 Wall Construction Selector - From US Gypsum, this 44 page manual provides a thorough listing of solutions for fire rated wall assemblies including firestopping at head of walls using gypsum wallboard. (posted 2/8/2011)

Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association Manual 850-00 - Almost everything you want to know about hollow metal fire rated door assemblies including hardware.  Useful for specifiers of hollow metal doors and door hardware. (posted 2-8-2011)

American Wood Council flame spread ratings of wood - This document will assist in determining the flame spread rating of various wood products typically used in room finish applications and other exposed wood applications.

Statement of Special Inspection - This document is to be used when required for compiance with Chapter 17 of the IBC for Special Inspections.

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Americans With Disabilities Act Downloads

2010 ADA Standards (2.8 mb) This September 15 2010 edition is from the Department of Justice and is permitted for use immediately and required March 15, 2012, subject to permission from your local Authority Having Jurisdiction.  Some AHJs may require a simple appeal or request in advance of construction document submittal. (posted 11/5/2010)

2010 ADA Standard Guidance Manual (4.1 mb) This document is a Guidance Manual which further explains the application of the new 2010 ADA Standard.  Specific details and explanations are provided for clarification of the various requirements. (posted 8/11/2011)

2010 ADA Quick Guide - The Department of Justice's 2010 ADA standards and the Department of Transportation's 2006 ADA standards are closely based on the updated ADA and ABA Accessibility Guidelines (2004) published by the Access Board. There are a limited number of additional requirements to be aware of in using the Board's guidelines which are outlined here. Further, certain chapters apply only to Federal facilities covered by the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA). (posted 11/5/2010)

2004 ADA/ABA Accessibility Guidelines (5.2 mb) to be used with the new 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act (Signed July 23, 2010) (posted 9/29/2010)

ADA Accessibility Guidelines 1994 (4.5 mb) without 2002 updates - This pdf file is not the currently enforced standard. (posted 2/20/08)

ADAAG Manual (22.9 mb) - This pdf file is a commentary and graphic standard on the 1994 ADAAG provided by the Access Board and provides clarification to the ADAAG Standard. (posted 2/20/08)

ADA Accessibility Guidelines   with 2002 updates (1.92 mb)- This pdf file is not the currently enforced standard but includes references to children's needs. (posted 3/14/08)

ADAAG for Children 1998 Final This is the specific references for the needs of children. (posted 3/14/09)

Fair Housing Act Design Manual  This will direct you to the HUD web site.  You can download any part or all of the Design Manual or you can order a printed copy for $5.00.

Fair Housing Act Design Manual from this site (really big file 44 mb posted 5/10/2012) This file includes the Federal Register adoption and a Q&A that answers multiple questions.


2013 Louisiana Plumbing Code - This is the revised plumbing code for Louisiana currently in effect as of January 1, 2014.

ASHRAE 90.1 2007 This standard is the base for energy code compliance and is offered as a download by ASHRAE.

Indiana Energy Code Amendments Rule 675-IAC-19-4 This is a "simplified" version of the complete document revised for ease of reading without the "legalese" of the original.  Use this in conjunction with the ASHRAE 90.1 2007 Standard.

2012 International Energy Conservation Code This download is available from the ICC and is the standard used by many states now for energy compliance as alternative to the ASHRAE 90.1 2010.  Either document can be used but not mixed.

2009 International Energy Conservation Code  This download is available from the ICC and is the standard used by many states now for energy compliance as alternative to the ASHRAE 90.1 2007.  Either document can be used but not mixed.

Commercial Energy Codes and Software from the Department of Energy for use in Commercial Buildings.  Download the  ComCheck software.  This software can be used for compliance in many States instead of engineering via the ASHRAE 90.1 Standard.

Codes of all States which can be downloaded in PDF format including Building, Plumbing, Elevator, Electrical and other primary codes used for compliance.

Free Access to VIEW and READ International Codes - This link will permit you access to the IBC and related International Code Council codes and standards.

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